Electrical Plan Review New York

The New York City Department of Buildings requires all electrical installations exceeding 1000kVA to go through Electrical Plan Review. This equates to 2778A at 208V, or 1203A at 480V. All installations above 600V must go through Electrical Plan Review Drawin New York. The service is calculated by adding up the size of all the service disconnects and adding 125% of the Fire Pump Full Load Amps. Any modification to a 1000kVA service, such as adding another service disconnect, secondary disconnect, or generator will require submission to the DOB, unless the secondary disconnect is 200A or less. No submission is required solely for fire alarm service taps.

These drawings are required to show the location of the main electrical service room, equipment locations, and working clearances. A one-line diagram is also required to show the primary and secondary electrical equipment. The generator and transfer switches must also be shown. If the generator exceeds 1000kVA, a generator room layout also must be submitted.

EPR Drawings are required to be submitted by a New York State Licensed Professional Engineer or Registered Architect. All submissions are required to be accompanied with a Short Circuit Coordination Study.

On July 11, 2019 the Electrical Advisory Board was eliminated. Despite this, the term “Advisory Board” is still commonly used in the industry.