Electrical Testing and Maintenance

Our firm can perform a variety of different electrical tests. Testing can help you to identify possible points of failure in your electrical system and resolve them before extensive damage is caused.

Megger Testing is done to confirm if the insulation of the electrical cables is not damaged. A system that has not been Megger Tested may be prone to experiencing a short circuit due to worn out cable insulation.

Infrared Testing can be performed to check if all electrical equipment is properly torqued and all connections are tight. Loose connections will be seen as hotspots and must be tightened to avoid damage to the system.

Ground Testing will allow you to see if the grounding electrode system makes good contact with Earth. The NEC requires grounding rods to have less than 25 ohms of resistance.

Power Quality Analysis allows you to measure power data in real time. This includes voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, and total harmonic distortion. With this information you can obtain realistic load data and help to find issues with your power system.

We can perform maintenance to keep your system in reliable and working condition. This includes cleaning your switchboard and lubricating your switches.